Well we are almost done with January. It is unbelievable how time flies. I hope your year has started off on the right foot.

We are doing a series on HOPE. What is hope what real hope looks like and how real hope impacts our lives.

Chuck Swindell said ” we can live several weeks without food, day without water, and only minutes without oxygen, but without hope forget it.” Chuck is so right you can’t live without hope. Because if you don’t have hope there is no reason to live.

Many people put their hope in things that are false hopes. Like relationships, jobs, family, retirement, money,and sports teams or players to name a few. All of things thing will let you down and give you great disappointments. these are all temporary things. But there is a real hope that is not temporary. That hope is in Jesus Christ and God’s word. This Hope is for all people who want it not just for a select few. The true hope in Jesus is life changing.

Come join us as we look at this Hope. Or you can contact me at the church if you have any questions. 989/687/2773

Blessings to everyone Pastor Kevin