Last weekend my boys and I went to Eldora Speedway in Ohio. We had a great time there.The one thing about these cars and drivers is that they go as fast as they can sliding around the corners throwing dirt everywhere. They are going so fast around the track that they are on the verge of losing traction and control of their cars. We saw some lose their traction and go spinning around the corners out of control. There were even a couple that hit the wall. They are fun to watch. For them to be successful it takes practice and a lot of knowledge of the track and their cars. There is a lot of details that need to be taken care of to be able to have a a car and driver that can be competitive in these races and to be able to drive on the edge of the fast lane.

Unfortunately many people live on the edge of life. Some even lose control and crash into the wall. People are not like these cars which can easily be fixed or replaced. When people crash into the wall it has lasting impact on their life and sometimes on the lives of those who love them. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing that can help.

I want to encourage you there is hope! There is one who can help put back the pieces. That person is Jesus Christ!  Jesus came not to condemn but to give life. Jesus did not come to tear down but to build up. Jesus came and gives us hope when before there was no hope. When all else fails He is still there for you. Jesus never gives up on you. If you are that person who is either living on the edge and want off it or the person who has hit the wall Let Jesus help you. Allow Jesus to work in your life give you hope and put back the pieces of life. If you would like more info on how Jesus can help you please contact us and we will be honored to show you.

May God Bless you

Pastor Kevin