Pastor Kevin’s Comments

Happy New Year!! May God Bless you and may He do a mighty work in your life in 2017!

Many people will make new years resolutions about this time of the year. Go figure, LOL. The sad thing about new year resolutions, is that they only last a few weeks to a couple of months before people give up on them. I found some new year resolutions that I think I’ll be able to keep this year.

I promise not to wrestle a bear while wearing a bacon suit.
I also resolve not to play tag with a mad bull.
I will no longer breakdance. (Deb isn’t happy when I break dance and end up breaking things. Sorry dear…)
I also resolve to find a home for lonely cookies.
I also resolve not to text while sleeping.

These five resolutions might be a stretch, but I do think I will be able to keep them.
Now seriously, resolutions are fine and dandy, but God’s promises are real. God promised us a savior and He sent Jesus. Jesus promises not to leave us and He doesn’t. You can find that promise in Hebrew 13:5 There are many more promises from our Lord God in the Bible, and He keeps every singe one of them unlike us and our resolutions which we usually break. God is Faithful. If there is one resolution all of us could make I would hope that resolution would be to grow in our knowledge and relationship with God. This resolution we can accomplish together.

As I stated at the beginning, “May God do a mighty work in your life in 2017”, my prayer is not only that God will do a mighty work in your life this year, but that God will do mighty work in your life, for the rest of your life.
I serve a mighty, powerful, and loving God. I am looking forward in seeing what He has in store for all of us this coming year.

Keep the Faith & God Bless,

Pastor Kevin

Men’s Bible Study

Men’s bible study meeting will now be held weekly, on Tuesday, at 6:30 pm. It will be held in the North end of the building in the adult classroom.

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