Pastor Kevin’s Comments

Easter has come and gone but the love and grace of God has not. The last couple of weeks we have looked at the power of Jesus. We have seen how He heals people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes God still heals!! We also saw how Jesus controlled nature when He calm the storms and walked on water. Jesus is amazing. Jesus not only can calm the storm on the sea, but He also can calm the storm in your life. You just need to call out to Him. We also saw how faithful Jesus is. He does not let us just fall but when we call out to Him He will reach out and take you by the hand and pull you up. As we saw with Peter Jesus continued to help him even when Peter doubted. Jesus does not just let us out to dry. He cares for you and I. Jesus does not want you to flounder but to succeed. To have peace, joy and love in your life. To have forgiveness and to forgive others. Do we have all of the answers here? NO. But come and join us in our journey as we search out the answers from God. And as we practice loving each other and living for God. This is truly an adventure you will not want to miss.

God Bless and may the Lord be with you.

Pastor Kevin

Men’s Bible Study

Men’s bible study meeting will now be held weekly, on Tuesday, at 6:30 pm. It will be held in the North end of the building in the adult classroom.

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