Pastor Kevin’s Comments

The other day I went to Budget tire in St Johns to get new tires on my vehicle. I was looking forward to this just to see who I will meet waiting at the store. Now most people hate to wait around as the work is done. Can’t wait until they can leave. I have found that these are the times to meet new people and maybe create new friendships. Years ago in Jackson MI at a budget tire Store I met a neat man name Jay. We were talking while waiting for the sales rep. He came to MI from down south for a job. They had been there three years and felt alone isolated. They felt unwelcome. As we talked he said this was one of very few times people had been friendly to him.  I invited him and his family to church. They came and found they were accepted and belonged to our church family there. Jay later became our drummer there. His wife also became involved in the church and built some very lasting friendships. They became good friends to us and our kids. They moved back down south for work some years ago. I will never forget the day I met Jay. So when I go to a tire store or even some other places where there maybe a wait I look forward to meeting some new people. Who knows maybe I will meet another Jay. Moral of the story is don’t fret waiting look forward to new friendships that maybe waiting for you.

Go out and meet some new people.

God Bless,

Pastor Kevin

Men’s Bible Study

Men’s bible study meeting will now be held weekly, on Tuesday, at 6:30 pm. It will be held in the North end of the building in the adult classroom.

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